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In this case, it means those who are — and aren’t – exposed to contaminated air, soil and water are largely segregated along racial and class lines.Poor and minority communities have also been degraded by exposure to toxic materials unleashed by dilapidated housing, crumbling infrastructure and the nasty stuff released from the mouth of smoke stacks.

Some have died of cancer or other mysterious illnesses.

There have been so many cases of cancer, so much inexplicable illness and death, that the corridor has become known as Cancer Alley, an 85-mile stretch between Baton Rouge and New Orleans that is home to more than 150 plants and refineries.

Studies conducted in Louisiana and throughout the country show that the poor and, in particular, poor African Americans, are more likely to live near industrial plants and are exposed to toxic pollutants at a rate much higher than more affluent whites.

Her doctors couldn’t figure out exactly what caused them.

The sores were similar to the ones her brother, who lived with Sims and her family, had also gotten.

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