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(I don't know which son it was as I didn't recognize him - just knew he was my son.) I then heard a loud vehicle coming from the left and knew I would be in the way, so I jumped up to move quickly and then I saw a young couple off to the right on motorcycles racing back and forth - The man was Rick who is on the Bold & The Beautiful show and his new wife on the show who is ___________.

I still needed to get out of the way of the vehicle that was coming from the left, so I and my son rushed to the stairway door to go upstairs, away from the destruction the vehiclew as going to cause in the basement garage.

I discussed the dream with Joe later and he thought the three sisters was probably the Triple Goddess on the Tree of Life.

It makes sense to me that I would dream about the God RA because I had a past life as the third daughter of Akhenaaten and lived in Armana for a time before I was killed and thrown into the Nile by an enemy.

All forms of life were believed to have been created by Ra, who called each of them into existence by speaking their secret names.

Dee Finney's blog start date July 20, 2011 today's date December 22, 2013 page 613 TOPIC: THE GOD RA 12-22-13 - DREAM - I was in a very large basement garage, under a very large building.

I was with Joe and were going through some little treasures we had.

It is hard to distinguish exactly when this combination happened, but references to Amun-Ra appeared in pyramid texts as early as the fifth dynasty.

The most common belief is that Amun-Ra was invented as a new state deity by the Theban rulers of the Atum-Ra (or Ra-Atum) was another composite deity formed from two completely separate deities, however Ra shared more similarities with Atum than with Amun.

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