Consolidating mp3 files itunes

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This article will cover moving an i Tunes library from a PC to a Mac OS X based machine using just about any version of i Tunes, to insure everything is transferred over to properly you’ll go about consolidating all music files into a single transportable library that can then be copied directly to a Mac.

i Tunes: How to re-create your i Tunes library and playlists But there is also a way to do this by creating an i Tunes folder in the root of your new drive, change the settings for the folder location in i Tunes.

Also, for reasons known only unto itself, for one artist in the music list it has duplicated all the songs so that each songnow has 2 entries.

Looking at the actual music files in Explorer there are only single copies of each song. Please tell me I'm not alone with these problems........

All I want to do is take a copy (a replica if you like) of all the music and playlists I have on the PC and put it on the NAS.

The reason is that I use a Cyrus Streamline wireless hi-fi with an n-remote.

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