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Around that time, entertainment news outlets and tabloids began to run stories about Heaton and Dyer’s relationship.Their reaction to the buzz was curious, to say the least.But fans could see that they were as close as ever when they started filming Season 2.characters the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion for Halloween on Instagram in October 2016.But while Heaton and Dyer mostly stayed out of the spotlight, they didn’t keep fans mania was sweeping the globe, Heaton and Dyer were likely adjusting to their newfound fame.And fans on Tumblr and Reddit instantly noticed, from just a handful of social media posts, that the pair seemed to be close.of alcohol — tore them apart in the sophomore season.

Heaton and Dyer both have social media accounts, but they’re not incredibly active.

The mystery-minded duo wound up spending the night in a conspiracy theorist’s basement.

After he called them on their obvious attraction to one another, Nancy and Jonathan finally bit the bullet and hooked up.

They were each featured in a handful of magazines and press appearances.

But most of the attention was on Winona Ryder and the lead child actors, like Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard.

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