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If you have dry or flaky skin, moisturize your body every day and you’ll feel soft and irresistible to touch when your partner runs their hands over you. If you truly want to see mind blowing results, please be patient. If you want to look gorgeous without your clothes on, give yourself six months to a year following these tips, and I assure you, you’ll get there especially if you have problems with your weight. Quick fixes don’t work, especially when it comes to your body.You need to give it enough time to readjust to the new and healthy lifestyle change. It may be difficult to love your body when you can hold folds of your body in your hands, but if you want to look better when you’re naked, use these tips and remember to measure yourself every three weeks.

It all adds to the charm of looking really sexy when you’re naked.And if you don’t keep that in check, you’ll even start to sag and get droopy at an early age. And the best way to have great skin isn’t by using cosmetics, it’s by drinking water.Drinking a lot of water hydrates your skin, prevents stretch marks and makes your skin feel supple and soft.When you’re in bed with your partner, remember that looking naked isn’t just about walking across the room with no clothes on.Apply light makeup *that doesn’t stain the sheets* or use earrings and other subtle accessories to accentuate your naked body. Fragrances can amplify your sex appeal when it blends well with the natural fragrance of your skin.

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