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My wife must be absolutely naked inside and our servant was seeing her like that.Till today he was using only her undergarments, but now he was also seeing her fully naked in real.He must have got emboldened seeing my wife's vibrator and photographs the previous day.Perhaps on realizing that my wife was a sexual being as well !My wife was authorative and treated him as if he were a child who should listen to everything, which he did and because of that we trusted him a lot.My wife actually hardly even thought Gopal was a grown up individual with his own thoughts.

That was pretty quick considering he had hardly spent a minute in front of the bathroom door.The window cam was empty and I was wishing that she would take her bath quickly and leave for office, so that Gopal could begin his sexual play.For a couple of minutes, I just kept staring the at the empty webcam window, when suddenly Gopal appeared in our bedroom.She was instructing Gopal something about our dinner, which he just kept timidly nodding yes to. It was hard to imagine that someone like him could be upto what he did earlier in the afternoon. If she did she would blow her top and I don't think Gopal would be standing even for a minute in our house."memsaab, khana tyar ho gaya" Gopal announced like he does every night. Gopal was always scared and obedient towards my wife.

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