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Rachael Smith is the founder of Yard Sale for the Cure, a unique fundraiser for the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Monika Burwise is a modern day mystic and co-founder, Global Awakening Institute.In this interview, Rachael discusses her journey from having had breast cancer to how she got the idea for Yard Sale for the Cure, and why it's important. After near fatal car accidents drastically changing the course of her life, she has turned her experience into an inspiration message of personal transformation to help others.Her extreme exercise regime and strict diet will be documented on her new show, Lisa Riley's Baggy Body Club.And the Loose Women star, who shed 12 stone over 18 months, admitted that her only regret is not having her beloved mum Cath see her incredible transformation.The event ‘We Move Forward 2012’ (WMF) is about women coming together to form community and explore and set in motion actions for realizing their potential.Living life to the fullest after experiencing a life-altering accident.After experiencing workplace depression, Wong set out to write a memoir about her journey and her battle with her former employer.

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Team members include: Jo-Annie Fortin, Tracy Little, Karine Thomas and Erin Willson.Barbara has the capacity to create a safe environment for participants, and people leave her presentations inspired to take action.Janeen Halliwell is spearheading a 3-day International Women’s Day event on Isla Mujeres, Mexico in March 2012.CEO/President, i Finance Canada Inc., Ann Kaplan, talks about the evolution of her finance company, a company that finances Canadians for services, and medical or cosmetic procedures that are not government funded.Jan Wong was once known as one of Canada's toughest journalists in the days when she worked for The Globe and Mail daily newspaper.

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