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But Rohini does not allow her to sign on the paper.Later Naina asks Vibha not to go against her family and help her. Vibha apologizes to Naina for not being able to help her out. Vibha tells her that she is unable to forget Naina and tells him that her talks had made a deep impact on her mind.Plot It's about a girl who has lots of dreams she wants to fulfil for herself and her friends and family.The story begins with Naina living in a house with her mom who always showed no love to her.She is not able to see him as there is a power cut in the house. Daksh is also not able to see Naina and thinks some thief is inside his house.They both decide to call the police but then Daksh catch hold of Naina. Later Naina finds out that Chintu is no one else but Daksh and he is Mr.Naina confronts him and he insults her rudely for being characterless.

He asks Naina to leave his house and refuses to accommodate her.During the struggles, she meets a mysterious lady whom she runs into during her morning jogs.Eventually, when Naina is in desperate need of help, the lady takes her in her house and barely convinces the stubborn Naina to live as a paying guest. He tells her that for the very first time in 25 years Vibha was not there at home to open the door for him. Naina tells Vibha that she is lucky for her as all her dreams are getting fulfilled after she had moved in to her place.Daksh is introduced into the show when he sees Naina at random places, such as the train station and then at the wedding as he is from the boys side.He instantly feels annoyance from Naina because he misunderstands her actions and thinks less of her character through various events.

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