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"Even though we make great blends from the larger Columbia Valley appellation, the high tier wines I get to make from (these) vineyards are the most intense and stylized and are a great educational tool to show what different sites can mean to different varietals in different vintages." 2010 Ste.

Michelle Cold Creek Merlot- While Washington Merlot can sometimes be diminutive, particularly in a cool vintage that is anything but the case when it comes to Cold Creek.

Planted originally to 500 acres, at the time doubling the state's vineyard acreage it was originally a little bit of everything.

Today the vineyard specializes a bit more, with a focus on Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Chardonnay and Merlot.

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True story, I was at an occasion in my hometown of Pittsburgh and this woman shared that she was going to Napa and was excited to visit Chateau Ste Michelle. Ste Michelle has helped in the explosion of the state's talent pool as well.

We have longer history of the ageability of Cold Creek, and I have had Cold Creek Cabs from the late 70's that are still holding up beautifully and taste 10 years younger than they are.

At a dinner in Boston where a Cold Creek Cab from '78 was presented blindly to a table of winemakers and bottle shop owners.

The wine is certainly concentrated and influenced by the use of new oak. Michelle Cold Creek Cabernet- A cool vintage Cabernet from one of Washington's warmest sites results in a balance of power and restraint.

Aromatics of mocha and black plums, and a palate loaded with ripe blueberry and generous dusting of cocoa powder. Aromatics are very fruit forward, dark fruits with hints of coffee and barrel spice evident from the use of new oak. Michelle Cold Creek Riesling-Outstanding in a word.

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