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but to hear this so bluntly from him made it so clear that is exactly what those predators think when they are targeting us His relationship with this woman progressed and he updated me on all activities , he took her to all the same places that we went to at the beginning( capturing all the possible romantic settings & sunsets etc ) using anything his country had to offer to help make the whole package look attractive and hope it sold well , he laughed and said this was his set plan for all new GF's..

The communication regarding the new GF went on for a few months and I told him that he was being very disrespectful to her by contacting me daily and I advised him that I almost felt guilty to be part of it and I threatened to tell her BUT In his defence he told me that most of the western women leave themselves open to this as they meet and marry Moroccan men so easily (I was an exception apparently ) , laughing while giving me examples of some recent marriages he had attended , " one example" where the couple met while she was arriving by bus he was just handing out flyers , she only knew him for a few days during her whole vacation but turned back to UK got her papers and married him few weeks later what can I say ???

It is the ever present glare of women who have decided that you have stolen one of “theirs.” I’m not so narcissistic as to think there is something special about me, because there’s not however I have overheard and been party to the complaints, stares and cajoles of Moroccan women unhappy with my marriage as well as those who have no problem letting me know that I am the starter wife.

Moroccans are known for their hospitality, their openness and understanding, their tolerance and virtues.

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During this four year period , I paıd for all his travel , food , clothes , English lessons (to enable him to communıcate with our guests when we set up our hotel or restaurant etc) renting cars in Morocco so he could learn to drive ( of course he had an accident which lead to me paying police, lawyers fees etc ) buying gifts for the family every time he went back to Morocco was termed necessary as they thought he was actually earning money ( lies) so he also asked for money to give his family, this is tradition in the Moroccan family whether you are working or not !! We took frequent vacations together in Morocco & South Turkey where I rented Villas etc .. but he never really appreciated this or even enjoyed it so much as his goals set wasn't to just enjoy the present luxury life , he had to fulfill his family's dreams of him becoming the successfully married businessman , he even discussed the prospect of having a business in Southern Turkey to make sure all possible options were offered ..

Submitted by Relieved " X " (Jordan), Apr 28, 2012 at I decided to write my story to celebrate one year of freedom and happiness following a four year relationship with a scamming con-man !!

During a months tour in Morocco (2007) I met what would seem to be "charming Moroccan man " , a waiter in a well known rooftop terrace bar in Essaouira (Morocco), walking me to my hotel and requested my tel number , offering me assistance ıe general information , translation etc , from that day the text messages started , pls meet me in cafe , how God had brought me into his life ,we were specially chosen to be together , he even travelled to Agadir and Marrakech during that month just to meet me on his Sunday off from work , brought me some handcrafted gifts.. finally pleading for me to pls return to Morocco as we were so meant to be together which I dıd several tımes within the following six month period , I stayed approx a month at a time with him in not too glamorous back street apartments as you cannot stay in a reputable hotel with a local man if you are not married to him .

most probably will marry one of their own and as they are much better off financially they can be accepted to marry within a better class family if you don't have money the womens family will not accept you as"'he personally experienced this previously when he asked to marry his sweetheart who he had met in university and was refused by her family as he did not have enough money to support her I truly think that is the main reason he decided to target foreigners for marriage , business and money as he found out he couldn't marry the woman he truly loved because of money ..

this is what happens in countries such as Morocco Lucky to have lived in this country for work I was able to get very good insight into the local culture , got talking to the locals (some of his friends also ) and was interested most of all how they view foreigners(westerners) etc I have had many conversations(some heated) with locals as they view us as rich, spoiled people , we are totally resented by them , so beware ,if they want you in their life its because they want to get some of your wealth, they don't see scamming people into marriage with their lies to be a sin as they truly think such wealth should be shared equally amongst us , and they are only trying to take whats rightfully theirs , their told me their God does not see any wrong doing as they will provide more for their families and give to the poor !!!!

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