Updating channels problem on samsung tvs

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Service Pack 2 for XP is supposed to be a flawless upgrade on computers too. One was because I yanked the USB drive out prematurely, and the other one didn't turn on again".That said once I put the USB stick in I may have pulled it out prematurely and now the unit red light comes on and clicks and then wont turn on.Since you had an issue with pulling out the stick early how did you fix that? it should not create or amplify the issues of previous versions.so as you may do for Microsoft, Apple and other respectful brands you should do with samsung.If you hear that they do, please let me know because I have yet to hear someone tell me that. --HDTech Noticed you said you had only 2 problems out of 400 firmware upgrade. To get it powered on again will probably require technician.--HDTech Just trying to diagnose since the person I took it too could not test the power board.However, some updates can (that is, have the ability to possibly) cause issues that will then require service. You stated in your previous post that you have done over 400 "firmware upgrades with 1 or 2 problems associated as a result.We make the updates available as an ongoing effort to support the products we sell. One was because I yanked the USB drive out prematurely, and the other one didn't turn on again.That said, a rule of thumb is that if you don't know the benefit of updating a television, it's probably best not to do that.

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When people have a problem, I encourage them to check to make sure they have the latest firmware update.and now my TV runs only the cable and i have lost or the Smart part that i paid $$$ to have problem started by my tv not detecting the WIFI although my WIFI was 100% functional on my other devices.then all the icons in the smart TV as well as the wall paper disappeared. an hour after he tells me that he cant do anything and since i am out of warranty i have to get a technician on my expenses.Any chance there was a power surge and the power board is fried or is there an internal computer error.It is out of warranty so trying to diagnosis myself kind of. all update issued by a manufacturer should be used automatically specially if it is public...

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