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Often brands will roll out special deals exclusively through Twitter or Facebook. Promote brands through social media to get discounts and then delete the evidence.If a brand offers you free shipping or 10 percent off to like them on Facebook, you'd be crazy not to do it.They sell it to Cardpool for and then Cardpool turns around and sells it to you for .Now you've got to spend at express, but you only paid for it. Yeah, it's sort of a lot of work for a measly , but but if you're buying a lot of stuff, those discounts can really add up. Sometimes sites will inflate the starting price of an item to make it look like you are saving more money than you really are, so it's up to you to do your due diligence and make sure the prices you are being given are accurate.A crop top that exposes 6 inches of stomach on a model who is 5-foot-10, might feel intimidatingly naked at first, but, depending on how tall you are, you may find that your midriff is barely exposed at all.Similarly, a midi skirt on the model will probably end up looking more like a maxi on you if you are only 5-foot-2.13.Sometimes brands will reach out to you with a special discount.

It takes a lot less time to refund a credit card than a debit card. If you are not sure about an item, put it in your cart and leave the site without completing the purchase.If you call, though, make sure you check out Get Human first to help you figure out exactly which phone number to use to get direct access to a real person. Many brands are much more responsive through social media than they are through traditional modes of communication. When shopping on, use the Amazon filler item finder to reach that all-important minimum needed for free shipping if you don't have Amazon Prime.Just type in the amount needed to reach the minimum for free shipping and the filler finder will produce a list of items at or just slightly above that amount for you to choose from. Use size filters to spare yourself the pain of seeing an item you love only to realize that it is not available in your size.Great if you need something right away for a specific event and can't wait for the store to restock.5.Stick to sites that offer free shipping both ways and buy extras.

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