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Pitch is expressed in terms of the number of tufts per inch. Density refers to the closeness of the pile yarns, and is an indication of both gauge and pitch. Generally, the higher the density, the better the quality of the carpet.

The weight, expressed in the number of ounces per yard of fiber extending above the primary backing.

This "velvet-plush" carpet can be sensitive to high temperatures in the cleaning solution, causing fiber distortion.

Temperature settings should be turned down from the maximum settings.

It is a treatment which requires insertion of a rectal sensor (sensor is the size and length of a pinky) to measure pelvic floor muscle tension through electromyography (EMG).

The EMG activity is visually displayed on the biofeedback unit so you can see what your muscles are doing and learn to better control these muscles with verbal and tactile cueing from the physical therapist.

Some of the physical therapy treatments for constipation include external and internal rectal myofascial release techniques, trigger point release techniques, biofeedback therapy to help down train tight muscles and/or up train weak muscles, instruction to correct bowel techniques to prevent straining, instruction in home exercise program to stretch and strengthen pelvic floor, hip and gluteal muscles.

The rest of this information will be based on Cut-Pile designs (59% of the current market), Loop-Pile designs (28% of the market), and Cut and Loop-Pile combination designs (13% of the market).We will display objects and tell the history that portrays the skill of these peoples as well as their trials, successes and failures.Our format will include the display of rotating exhibits, special collections, and historic artifacts as our inventory expands.When the pelvic floor muscles fail to relax and contract properly, this can be referred to as “pelvic floor dyssynergia”.The inability to relax and contract the pelvic floor muscles correctly can lead to symptoms of constipation, straining with bowel movements, and feelings of incomplete evacuation.

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